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What if I forgot my password?
Use this form instead. You'll be sent an email from containing a link. That link will allow you to change your password and transfer your account all in one step.
That form will require you to have access to the email account you used to register Sylvius 4. If you no longer have access to that email account please follow the instructions under "What if I forgot my email?".

What if I forgot my email?
If you don't remember what email address you used to register Sylvius 4 or no longer have access to it, please send an email to Be sure to include:

Support is available between 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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More Information

Users who transfer will be given a one-year (365-day) license to Sylvius 4 Online. Users who transfer will no longer be able to download or register additional copies of the previous version of Sylvius 4. Any copies of Sylvius 4 that have already been downloaded and registered will continue to work after an account is transferred, however, if for any reason a user loses or deletes their Sylvius 4 registration after transferring their account, they will not be able to register Sylvius 4 again, so it will become unusable (see note below for details).

Technical Notes: The downloadable version of Sylvius 4 is a Flash-based program, and as such, it stores its registration, drawings, and notes via Flash Shared Objects, or “Flash Cookies.” Any action on the part of the user that deletes all Flash Shared Objects will also delete all information that Sylvius has stored on their computer, including its registration, and will result in Sylvius 4 no longer being usable. Ways to delete all Flash Shared objects include, but are not limited to:

Sinauer Associates does not have any method to deactivate previously registered copies of Sylvius 4 remotely. Registrations can only be lost via deletion of the Flash Shared Objects, moving Sylvius 4 to a different computer, or corruption of the Shared Objects folder.

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